How to Have a Great Life!

The toughest part of this article was the title. Getting the Most from Your Participation or Men's Work Instruction Manual or Maximum Value or What have you done for me lately? So, let's talk about what this article is not. This is not an article about whether you should be a part of a team. Not a bad article, but not this article. This is not an article about whether your team or tribe is doing enough, or all it should for you. Also interesting topics, but not this article. This article is instructions on how to maximize the value you get through your participation.

We'll start with the format. I'll list a number of ways you could get value, and talk about how to get more. They will be in order of the value per time. Very complex equations went into calculating that scale (ie. it just got made up), so don't spend too much time thinking about it. Let's jump right in.

  1. Being Inspected
  2. Bet you didn't think that would be at the top of the list. When you step into a circle of men, and ask them for help with what you are dealing with, you can catapult your life forward in mere minutes. You need to give up trying to look good and you need to tell the truth. Then welcome the feedback and fully answer the questions posed of you. The value you'll get will be your truth, and direct action you need to take to get what you want. Get in there and get on the hot seat at least monthly. There is always a next level. Take Away

  3. Weekend Trainings
  4. Whether it's the initial Weekend, the Man You Always Wanted to Be Training or the Motomo Leadership Training, there is a ton of value packed into a tight little package. One weekend to change your life. Look for when they are available, then register yourself into one. Even if you are doing it for the 2nd or 3rd time, you will get tremendous value for that one little weekend. Make sure you get into one, even if it's not local. Sometimes being in another area's culture is the best part. Measure the value based on how your life improves, not what you learn - that's the booby prize.

  5. Productions
  6. The opportunities to participate on a production team are also power-packed morsels of value. In one weekend, and maybe a few calls leading up to it, you get training you would get nowhere else. The level of standards, high-performance and accomplishment will set a bar which could challenge you for years to come.

  7. Connecting to Men
  8. Whether through Tribe Meetings or Events or just your team, get to know men and build the men in your life. Most men who've had some success are interested in making a difference with others. Reach out and connect with those men. Have clear concise questions and take any coaching given appreciatively. Apply what you're given, then let them know you did it, and the success that came from it. Through the network of hundreds of men, you can reach almost anyone, and get almost any problem solved. Use the men.

  9. Give Back
  10. Ok, anyone who's really experienced the value that comes from giving knows it should be higher on the list (but if I put it first, I'd lose half my readers). Making a difference for others gives your life purpose. It has you feel fulfilled and boosts your confidence in a way no receiving could. And, when done responsibly (ie while still working on you), can be the driver and motivation to take your life to an even higher level.

This may not be a complete list, but it's a list to get you going and get your life to an unimaginable level. To really get the value, you have to see the value and go after it. Value won't be served up on a platter without you doing the work. Get in there, and get in action.

If you or one of your men is not having the life they want, or not getting the value they want, look to this list. Where could they be doing each of these things more? Where could they be in action? Where could you be in action? It's no one's doing but your own. Remember, complaints are not a way men measure their status. Get in action, and get your success.

Gary Menezes, 2017-05-29 | Posted in General