Team Participation Report Card

For some men, you're considering being on a men's team; for others, it's part of the weekly routine which you've established over years; but, are you clear what success looks like on that team and what it takes?

Report Card

I started asking myself this question only a couple of years ago. Then, I'd been on men's teams since the last millenium (ok, I did my weekend in '99, but millenium sound cooler). I'd always considered that "getting what I needed", and "making sure I contribute" was what success looks like. Heck, that was hard enough. But, like all men, I want a simpler solution. I want a checklist!

Being a trainer, and all, I started crafting a list - two lists, to be precise. I've now run this by a large number of men, and it's ready for wider consumption (or scrutiny).

Qualities of a Man on a Team

  1. Lowers his guard / mask.
    Unless men on your team know what's really going on for you, what's the point? Extending trust, whether earned or not, is the key. Keep practising revealing more and more.
  2. Sacrifices for his men.
    Being committed to something bigger, requires sacrificing smaller things. It's great to start with things you don't want (laziness, fear, etc). It's important to know what you'll never sacrifice, but keep moving the bar with everything else.
  3. Asks for help.
    Three little words - huge challenge. Putting away ego, revealing weakness, deserving it are all barriers to overcome. Receiving is often much harder than giving.
  4. There for men in need.
    Notices men struggling and has the courage to act. Ties into sacrificing and care. This is the path to lifelong bonds.
  5. Makes and keeps promises.
    Part of the purpose of a team is accountability. Keeping promises is obvious, but putting your ass on the line is also a must. The courage to risk, and the discipline to achieve.
  6. Calls men out.
    Men's ego can often get in the way of seeing their own shit. Telling him about what he can't see is an invaluable service, but takes courage. When done well, this is one of the biggest benefits of being on a team.
  7. Enforces standards.
    Team agreements only work when enforced. If team members don't hold the line, the team's performance (and value received) spirals. If you see it, say it.
  8. Pursues Growth.
    Even one man "just hanging out" kills the spirit of the team. There is always a next level for every man.

So, what's the level above being a good participant on a men's team? Providing excellence as a member.

Excellence as a Man on a Team.

  1. Pursues a higher purpose.
  2. Owns every man's success.
  3. Owns team's success.
  4. Calls men out egolessly.
  5. Enforces standards egolessly.
  6. Mentors / Sponsors men.
  7. Inspires Others by his Life.
  8. Trusts his men's view above his.
Whether you just want the most from your participation, or you're interested in being the man leading the way, use these checklists as a model for how you can up your game. And, above all else, this is a checklist for YOU - not a weapon to use against your men. Enjoy.
Gary Menezes, 2017-07-06 | Posted in Team