Who is Motomo?

Who are we? An age old question, but more specifically here I'm asking, Who is Motomo? Let's start with the easy answers. We are a community of men. We are a collection of teams, tribes and regions. We are men who've been initiated via the SMW.

Ok, let's stretch a little beyond the easy answers. We are men who follow a code of honor. We are men in pursuit ofWelcome being the men we've always wanted to be. We are men who keep the Weekend alive. We are men who make a difference. These are all true, to a degree, and yet none capture all of who we are.

During the offsite of early 2015, we came closest to defining who we are. We created, in a crowd of 200+ of our members, the Purpose of Motomo. This purpose still holds today.

To create a true global community by owning the masculine and feminine presence so that we build and serve our families, communities and mankind.

Hot damn! We're done. Well, except for a few questions. What the hell is a true global community? How does one own a presence? Did he really just say feminine presence? He knows we're all men, right?

Let's break it down a bit. First, a true global community. The first thing to acknowledge is the legacy of those 4 little words. The purpose of the Institute, ie. the folks who brought you the SMW, has contained those 4 little words for many years. That noble cause which the Institute has been championing for decades, we are now claiming as ours. The torch is being passed to future generations. Ok, so it's more like we streaked out, grabbed the torch and took it home, but it's now our torch to carry.

A true global community. Imagine being in a community and all the benefits it brings. You're safer because you know your neighbors have your back. It's easy to lend or borrow, easy to take on group projects, barn raisings, dances, and even the raising of children is done in community. It's safe. It works. And everyone has their place. Now imagine instead of neighbouring houses, we were talking about neighbouring countries or societies all working well together.

How do we create a true global community? By owning the masculine and feminine presence. We've been working on trying to define those. The closest we've gotten so far is a state in which a man is free to be masculine, or a force which pulls men into being masculine men. And, masculine men are men who know themselves, are clearly on purpose, are internally driven and do whatever is needed. By becoming clear about what it is to be masculine men, and then by Familyowning that presence two things are accomplished. First, we are creating a bunch more masculine men. Second, the more masculine we are, the more feminine we pull out of our partners, when they rise up to match us. So, by owning the masculine presence, then creating the safe space for and appreciation of the feminine presence, we can own the feminine presence, without ever really having a clue what the hell that is. Ok, might work. The key here is ownership. We will keep developing ourselves as men until we are capable of ensuring the success of both presences, thereby owning them.

Then there's the last piece of our purpose. The part we've been working on all along, which each of us can relate to. To build and serve our families, communities and mankind. We are men who make a difference, and that is the difference we are choosing to make. That is Motomo.

A nation of men, proudly serving one purpose: To create a true global community by owning the masculine and feminine presence so that we build and serve our families, communities and mankind.