Motomo 2.0

Do you have the courage to break with the old and look to the future? These questions haunted me. Motomo as an organization had undergone major changes in the last two years and was I prepared to lead them through another change? I knew I needed a better question. I settled on, "What's needed to fulfill our purpose?"

Here's a quick video:

What hasn't changed:
  • Motomo Nation is a 501c-3 charity. Ok, if you didn't know that changed two years ago, welcome to our future.
  • Motomo is still led by several of the same men, myself, Wilkinson, Menezes, van Maris, Spellman and others.
  • Our purpose remains strong: To create a true global community by owning the masculine and feminine presence so that we build and serve our families, communities and mankind. Explained in an article here.
  • We are 100%, and exclusively behind the SMW as our entry point.
  • We continue to offer extraordinary training - MYAWTB, MLT, Captain's Training, TIP, Enrollment Training, etc.
What has changed:
  • Motomo has structured itself as a Training and Service organization. Those we primarily serve are tribes, teams, and graduates. So instead of trying to build our membership, we are taking a collaborative approach where we provide a valuable service and the men are self-governed. We won't be telling you what to do anymore, but we will still be working hard to provide all of what you need. When we look to a future of 5 million men, trying to stuff them all into our organization wasn't feasible - and we saw was driven by ego.
  • Motomo is also pushing to take the disciplines of the SMW out into the world. With the alignment of the Institute, we see it as part of our purpose that these are available to all men.
What that means to you:
  • For most men, little to no change. Men are still on teams, captains still report to tribe leaders all the same way. One difference is that tribe leaders are now coached and advised by Regional Leaders, rather than reporting to them in a chain of command.
  • For men in tribal leadership, we will no longer, and cannot make your tribe leader bend to our will or take them out. If things are not going as planned, you'll need to work with them to ensure they get on track. We will continue to train, coach and advise, but they have final say.
What that means to Families, Communities & Mankind:
  • We are strong, on purpose and ready to serve. Motomo is geared up for, and building a future where we will make the difference we all see is needed.
  • Motomo initiatives, like the Summit, Motomo Mentors, Motomo Coaching Initiative, our trainings, Team-in-a-box, Tribe-in-a-box will all be making a stir and making a difference.
Stay tuned!