8th Tenet of the Code: Always Be Faithful to the Men

Definition: Faithful – to be dutiful, loyal, worthy of trust, consistently reliable, consistent with the truth.

This tenet can be tricky. Many men have mistakenly interpreted it to call for loyalty toward men at the expense of women. It is not about that. Many men have assumed it calls for unquestioning devotion to the men on your team. It does not. It is not about selling out a man by not challenging him in the hope that he won’t challenge you. Rather it should be held in the spirit of being committed to the greatness that resides within every man.

Always be faithful to the men

To have trust that greatness is there.

To dutifully strive to bring greatness out.

To loyally follow a Code of Honor that allows it to flourish.

We must teach faithfulness by being consistently reliable and consistent with our truth. Being faithful means seeing a man’s greatness when he cannot see it in himself. This tenet can be interpreted as not quitting on another man.