Why a man needs his men

Having a circle of Men is crucial to a man’s success. It affects his career, his life, and his relationship with his woman and children. All the successful men that I know have a circle of men that they can rely on for support and accountability. Having a circle of men has an impact on a man’s relationship with his woman and his ability to emotionally support her.

Having your boys
It is important to have your men.

Four things that I believe should be important to a man are finding his life purpose, to always be working on creating the best version of himself, having a man or a team of men for accountability and support, and having the ability to generate genuine desire and trust in women. A man's circle of men is item number three on my list that a man must have for his masculine path.

It was through my attendance of The Sterling Men’s Weekend (SMW) that I was reminded of the importance of a man having his men. After graduating SMW, I joined a Motomo Men’s Point Program where I was taught the skills required to be a man of value on a team of men.

When I completed my Point Program, I became a member of a team of men that met telephonically each week for about 1-3 hours. I chose a telephonic team because the closest team to me was over 300 miles away. Each week the men on this team come together to have fun, embrace and keep fresh the wisdom learned at the SMW, and also, for accountability around the changes each man is trying to make in their lives.

I am a member of two teams or circles of men. One of the teams I am on is the East Coast Registration Team dedicated to enrolling men to the SMW. The other team, which I referred to prior, is The Goofball Tribe. Both teams are telephonic but serve two different purposes.

There is a difference to a circle of men and “my men”. The men within each circle of men on my teams may or may not be considered “my men”. When I speak of “my men”, these are the men, or man, that has my back at when I am at the lowest point of my life or when I have the weakest context as a man. My men support me through thick or thin. I know and have 100% confidence in my men to always have my best interest at hand, even when I may be insulting and/or judging them. These are the men I take into battle with me and they have no objection or reservation about fighting by my side. They know that I will return the favor when called upon to do so.

Having men who are strong, loyal, and honorable is something I wish for every man.

TJ Dunhoft is a life, Life Purpose, and dating coach in Lexington Kentucky. If you are interested in joining a team in Kentucky, or learning more about him, contact Dunhoft through his website: http://tjdunhoft.com.

TJ Dunhoft, 2018-02-28 | Posted in Team